Paranoid Pictures is a film group run by Martin Lehnert & Michael Lehnert dedicated to independent filmmaking. It is recognised for its signature film rhetoric known as Cinéma Concret, and also established itself with "grand format" documentary films using the Cinéma Vérité and Direct Cinema film rhetorics.

Today, the PP operates studio facilities in Basel, CH and London, UK housing its own production, distribution and presentation means. The PP is exclusively working with cine-film, using its own Super 8, Normal 16, Super 16 and Normal 35 cine-film equipment. In addition to its film projects, the PP is also consulting cinematographers globally on working with the rapidly professionalising Super 8 format.

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In December 2007, the PP will celebrate its 25th anniversary as a film group. To mark this occasion, the PP intends to renew its commitment to independent filmmaking by launching a veritable project onslaught:

- All three current film projects will wrap up their post production in 2008 and are scheduled to premiere in 2008 and 2009.
- The PP's film archive and back-catalogue – almost three decades of filmmaking – will be completely restored using
  state-of-the-art preservation techniques and technologies. Several films will receive a content overhaul and a new score. 
  This massive project is to conclude in time to coincide with the PP's 30th anniversary in 2012. 
- Concerning distribution and presentation: the PP will finally be able to allow easier access to its films.
  Copies made through HD Telecine will be offered via movie file downloading or as beautifully packaged Blu-ray Disc editions.
- On the 25th December 2007, a new internet platform will go online which will be the PP's window to the world, 
  allowing you unprecedented access to the PP's past, present and future works: 
|   Track the PP's current film projects    
|   Download  the PP's complete filmography
|   Access the PP's technical resources
|   Get expert advice on the rapidly professionalising Super 8 format through a dedicated subsection
|   Read the PP's extensive Ciné-Texte library that accompanies its films and critically discusses industry trends
|   Get PP films via movie file downloading or as beautifully packaged Blu-ray Disc editions, as they become available

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